I’m Dreaming…

I'm Dreaming
October 5, 2012

I don’t know about you, but I did not see the same heavyweight fight I hear being rehashed ad nauseam by this smug Ivy League pack of Monday morning quarterbacks. Cassius Clay did not knock out Sonny Liston, in the debate I watched. Mike Tyson did not bite off Holyfield’s ear. Romney did not put the fear of God in Obama, or anybody else. Dude is a bit actor with big hair. A false prophet primping and mugging; a Fortunate Son shadow boxing with a Prime Time TV camera; A poor man’s Ronald Reagan impersonator rope-a-doping the patriotic uninformed; A Wall Street kingpin who wants to repeal Dodd-Frank. An anti-abortionist who spent the past six weeks memorizing every head cock, hand tick and vocal inflection of America’s so-called Great Communicator, that big hair B-actor with the bad memory who couldn’t remember how CIA crack financed the Iran Contra war. If you listened closely, you can almost hear Romney humming, the new Republican anthem, Randy’s Newman’s brilliant, beyond-the-pale “I’m Dreaming, of a White President.”

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